Save Your Links

Getting Started With SYL

General Information

SaveYourLinks allows you to store your links and access them from any computer anywhere in the world. No more bookmarking a site at home and forgetting the URL at school or work.

And no more losing your bookmarks once you buy a new computer.

You may add links to a your private account, which only you can view, or you can create a public account which any SaveYourLinks user can access. Create folders to organize your links if you wish. See Adding Links/Folders Help for more information.

To enter a folder, click on the folder.

To go to a link, click on the link. Quick Add enables you to use the power of your browser in conjunction with the free and secure services of SaveYourLinks.

You can import your favorites/bookmarks from your browser into the SaveYourLinks website.

Signing up

Click on the Join Now button and fill out the information requested.

Only the information marked with an asterisk is required. Note: The user name cannot contain special characters. Also, if the user name is already in use, you will be requested to choose another one.

Note: Your name, address, and email address are not required but it would be appreciated if you entered them. They will not be released for any reason without your permission. For more information please see the Privacy Policy.

Add Link or Folder

To add a link, click on the Add Link button at the top of the list of Links. A separate window will open.

Type in a name for the URL and then type the URL and click Save. The URL must be valid; if it is not, you will be unable to retrieve the website.

Or, use Quick Add. If you are already at a website that you would like to add to your Links list, from your favorites/bookmark page simply click on ‘Save Your Links’ and the link will be added to your Private account.

Note: Quick Add must have been activated. To do this go to the Quick Add link on the left-hand side of the SaveYourLinks web page.

To add a folder, click the Add Folder button at the top of the list of Links. A separate window will open. Type in a name for the folder and click Save.

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